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The Pros of Email Newsletters

Getting started with email newsletters is super easy and well worth it. That's if you have enough subscribers to benefit from. Here are some of the pros of email newsletters.

Image of a paper plain. With a blog about the pros of email newsletters.

All in all newsletters are a great way to stay connected with your customers and your prospective new customers. They allow you to consistently engage with your following on new updates, promotions, business changes, upcoming events, and so much more. Newsletters are a great resource to have and in some cases it's practically free minus the time spent designing and emailing.

If your looking to reach out to hundreds or more people at one time newsletters are your go to. However, based on your following numbers it can be either worth it or not. In most cases we say go for it. But in some we say wait until you have more opt in emails. If you only have a few emails chances are you'll spend more time setting up your templates, scheduling, and managing than actually reaching people interested in opening those emails.

The reality is open rates can be harsh to see once you get started. In some cases based on our experience only 7% to 20% actually open your newsletter. And out of those only half or so click on any of your links. Don't get us wrong we love using newsletters and its a very strong tools to have. But once again if your only have a few subscribers maybe wait until you get that list a little bigger.

How much bigger you say? At least a couple hundred. However, if your subscription is strong and you have a relationship with your clients on your list then it may be beneficial to start a newsletter even with low numbers. When clients know you personally or have a strong bond with your brand they are much more likely to open your email.

What should you put in your newsletter you say? Anything you want! As long as it follows your business guidelines that is. Depending on your business type and what you offer should reflect on your newsletter and what's in it. But by all means try to not be too business like and add a little splash of personality. A little color, a little flair, a little interesting. Newsletters of the past were very matter of fact. But todays newsletter are meant to engage customers and keep them on their toes. Make them want to read.

And of course follow the rules of emailing people. There is such a thing of opt in and opt out. We recommend reviewing the CAN-SPAM Act and other best email practices prior to starting your email campaigns. A general rule of thumb. If they opt out respect it.


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