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What is Branding and Why Do We Need It?

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Branding is an essential factor in creating an eye-catching and memorable experience for your customers. A well-polished brand strategy can make your business stand out from competitors and it's a powerful tool that can help you engage with your target audience.

A branding chart for a company that shows a color palette with peach like colors.

Your brand is the face of your business, every element is important from color schemes, font styles, shapes, images, and even layout designs. A common word heard in marketing is “brand identity” – this showcases your business through visuals, voice, and messaging all to attract and retain your customers.

Choosing branding styles is easily created but does take time. We recommend researching other competitor styles online, and keeping an eye out for any businesses that you enjoy. Then ask yourself, why are they so attractive to you? Then try to create a simple branding board yourself.

Branding boards can be straightforward on a single page or more complex with styles, guidelines, and approval systems.

Many color schemes only have 3 to 4 colors but use monotone shades to expand colors availability when designing.

Fonts are essential to keep the same on all branding material. Try selecting only two fonts that match your style. You can use effects on these fonts to broaden your designing capabilities. For example Times Roman is a popular font type, with three styles, Regular, Bold, and Italicized. With two fonts chosen you can easily have 6 styles to choose from.

Keeping these practices in mind when choosing other parts of your branding strategy will ensure a very pleasant experience. Search online for ideas as well. Just type in simple key words like “branding board examples” or “restaurant branding styles”.


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