Landing Pages, What are They?

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

In short, landing pages are simply a website page dedicated to one particular goal. However, these goals can vary and are not always so straight forward. When creating a landing page with a goal there are a few things to keep in mind.

Exactly what are your trying to accomplish?

Those goals we mentioned will impact the design and function of your landing page. All business marketing strategies have an end result they are trying to achieve. And when developing a landing page the end goal is key. To create a sound page you should understand all the steps a consumer will encounter. From just arriving to the page, to completed the final step of a form, call or other interaction. Lets go through some of the more common reasons for a landing page.

Offering a Sale

Yes, all of us or most of us have clicked on a sale icon or link before. Sometimes from a search result or a displayed ad on the side of your screen. The ad says something like "50% OFF Denim Jeans" or "BOGO T-shirts only 24Hours"

When clicking on these ads your directed to a page that shows the sale your interested in. This is a great example of a sale goal for a landing page. The main objective of this landing page is to create conversions for a product. The landing page should be simple and easy to navigate and on top of the page display the relevant sale. Keeping the focus on the primary reason the consumer clicked on the ad would be ideal. When sales ads show non related sales or products the consumer may bounce away from the page, loosing a prospective purchase.

Subscriptions and Lead Forms

Well, who doesn't want more leads and subscriptions. After all with no leads means no business. One of the most talked about topics is how to generate more leads and get more conversions. This topic is so broad its not easy to grasp everything, but over time it will come more naturally. On the topic of landing page goals again. Gaining more subscriptions and leads from filling out forms should be on most websites.

But should your "contact us" page or "subscription page" be considered a landing page?

In short no, a landing page even though similar to a part of your core website should be custom to what your end goal is. For example if your pushing subscriptions on a target audience let say for seniors or outdoor enthusiasts then the sign up landing page should cater to that target audience.

Brand Awareness

Building your business from the ground up is tough, and in this day its even tougher. Developing a landing page for brand awareness goals are all about showing off your business and what you offer. This type of landing page should include a visually appealing display that engages with your customer within seconds of arriving. Landing pages that aren't selling something and are strictly informational are more likely to loose retention if not appealing to the eye or interactive.

Notes about Landing Pages

Your page should offer information about not only your product but valuable content that customers might be looking for. If you only display your prices or services on your landing page the prospect may click off quickly, since they already have all the info the page offers. However, your landing page is not meant to overload your customer with information. Its simply to get your customer interested in your site or offering to either consider your brand or convert them to a paying customer.

Landing pages are usually hidden from search engines or not visible to your websites navigation bar. This is purposely done for analytical reasons. In some instances promotional pages are developed alongside landing pages for the general public to see when visiting your website.

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