Our Top sites for Web Hosting!

All entrepreneurs at some point will need a website. No matter what your selling in today's age its unrealistic not to have one. During my time as a consultant I've come across many new owners that need help designing a sound good looking site. One that represents them as a person and their product or service. I've created a list of the most common web hosting sites we've used to build customer sites, some with No Coding required.

Keep in mind there are tons of good products out there to build a professional looking site and this list is for those that have little to no experience working with site creation tools. If you've worked with programs like photo editing or video makers than you may want to check out these sites.


We've built countless sites with the Wix editor for many small business owners. This versatile editor is ideal for someone that wants a simple but beautiful looking site up and running in days. The editor has a wide option of customizable drag and drop functions to specialize the feel and look of your site. And has plenty of widgets like calendars, social media apps, forms and more. This is however one of the more expensive sites if you plan on performing eCommerce online. However, with the amount of options and tools to collect payments, see inventory and handle customer service all from one location might be worth the cost.

If you are looking for a simple few page site that's mainly for information purposes than Wix is more than affordable. You'll have two options when creating a site with Wix. Wix Editor and Wix ADI. Both are suitable depending on what your goal and skill levels are. With the ADI version there is limitation to customizing your sites. You'll have to choose a template from a list and edit mainly the content within this template only. With Wix Editor you have the option to fully customize the site and place objects where you'd like them. You can add any image, video and text in any place. And with the tools you can edit these items as well.

One of the best parts of Wix is that you can design you site for free at no charge. Of course if you decide to continue to use Wix without their logo on your site and a customizable domain then this would cost you a premium. You'll also have the option to pay for annually and monthly just like many other web hosting plans.


iPage make our list strictly for its quick setup and launch times. This web hosting company does not offer the best no coding website editor software. In the past they used to have a great drag and drop editor like Wix, but unfortunately this is longer with us. However, one benefit of this company is the cost and ease of use.

iPage does have some of the lowest pricing available for small business owners. I've seen monthly costs as low as $2. For anyone on a budget this is a great alternative to other hosting sites. Even though they might not have the best no coding editors the ones they do have are sufficient for simple sites just for information. They are limited to customization in our opinion but do offer upgraded options for more customizable sites, at a premium of course.

if you are a tech savvy site editor then you'll appreciate the low cost and simplicity to upload your own HTML files directly to their file manager.


If you are a rock-star at html, css and programing or really enjoy WordPress then DreamHost might be for you. DreamHost offers only hosting with some additional features to get your site up and running. They are a great company with good customer service. If your new to website creations and hosting then DreamHost might be a little confusing for you. Even though it offers WordPress linking like others do, there is no tutorials or guidance on how to use the program.

If your up to the challenge of WordPress or uploading your HTML files from an offline editor give DreamHost a try. They also offer easy to navigate dashboards to find what your looking for fast. When looking for DNS records or trying to change a pointer, Dreamhosts dashboards are coded for quick access. It doesn't hurt that this web hosting company also has some of the lowest pricing available.

Selecting the correct hosting company for your site is not always the easiest. With dozens of options its hard to select the right one. Our advice to our clients is to try out a few editors that come with a free trail to get familiar with their programs. While in the trail period click all around and make a couple sample sites. Even though they might not look the best its great to see how an editor feels.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is the cost in my budget?

  2. Do I like the customer service?

  3. What problems might I have with this company?

  4. Can I deal with these problems on a Monthly or Yearly basis?

  5. How do their editors feel and look?

  6. Are there hidden fees associated with the editors or hosting plans?

  7. Do they have bandwidth or storage capacities?

  8. How many servers do they own and are they secure?

  9. How long have they been in business?

  10. Is there a refund or satisfaction guarantee?

Have you selected a hosting site?

If you haven't and still need help give us a ring. We'd be happy to help.

The Cupertino Marketing Team!