How investing in your community creates leads

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Keeping your mind focused solely on online ads or social media campaigns can quickly take all your attention off other marketing avenues. One such often missed strategy is right in your own community.

A sound marketing mix consists of an array of campaigns but one that often gets passed up is giving back to your community. Building relationships with your local people and businesses can develop a large impact on how prospects see your company.

In today's world placing a few online ads and handing out flyers is not enough to gain a following, especially if your target audience is community driven. Depending on your industry and what your selling can change what type of public relations strategy you should implement. If your in a service sector and rely on local customers for sales, giving back can immensely create a welcoming voice to your in-market audience.

PR Campaign Ideas

Creating a relevant PR marketing campaign can be time consuming when getting started. Researching is key to finding those unique avenues that will gain you the most exposure for the least funds.

Try out some of these ideas:

  1. Volunteer your time to a good cause by providing your service for free

  2. Volunteer to a local event or community outreach program through your business

  3. Sponsor community programs for youth, academic or seniors

  4. Provide discounts to local residence or businesses

  5. Contact your local community center for ideas

Keeping marketing strategies up to date and ahead of the curve is vital to any business. This applies to your community building campaigns as well. Since your competitors are also looking to build PR with locals you should think outside the box and continue brainstorming for new ways to build a presence.

While building rapport you not only gain an awareness but also create consideration when customers are looking for your product or service. Giving back is great just in general and all business owners should provide some sort of local contribution. However, this is not the only benefit to PR. You'll slowly create a voice and build a brand that people recognize and trust. In your community think of a local brand that is not a franchise or large company. This business, though small, has a large impact on not only you but thousands of others. And they probably gain quite a bit of leads just by doing what is right.

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