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Nefertiti Beauty Supply

Website & Graphic Design 

Nefertiti Beauty owner contacted me to help with misc. graphic design projects and to write content for their website and media. 

We worked closely the owner to redesign their current logo, design print media and tweak press releases for PR campaigns.


Evaluation consisted of reviewing current website and shop to understand their direction.

We continued to evaluate their brand through multiple meeting via zoom and phone in order to discuss in real time projects we needed to work on.

Planning several designs to meet their needs for specific promotions throughout the year. 


We developed successfully designed eye grabbing print media for promotions that were printed from our local printing shop. Delivered or had their team pick them up. And helped source them to target markets.

By having us on call for marketing services we reduced time and energy of the owner and their staff. Allowing them more time to spend taking care of their customer and develop trust with a more professional look. 

Services Completed

Website Design

Video & Photograph Editing 

Print Media

Logo Redesign

Stationary Branding 

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