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HeadsUp! Preschool

246% Enrollment Rate

The director of Heads Up Child Development San Jose goal was to increase its enrollments in a specific demographic and geographical area. 

We met with Heads Up director monthly for 10 months to help create a strategic marketing plan that helped to increase their enrollment by 246%


First consultation with the Director was casual to develop a deep understanding about what the culture and vision is for their school. Once getting a tour and reviewing their current marketing strategy we developed a comprehensive plan to reach key demographics, and locations that tend to enroll their children. 

This was developed by using the clients records within their CRM systems, tour history, and Google analytics to understand their target market better. 

We offered a 10 month plan consisting of a multi-channel strategy. Including campaigns for direct mail, generated newsletter blasts, Spotify ads, Google Ads, and various other paid services. 

In addition Cupertino Marketing redesigned the clients old logo for a sharper look. And created an up to date website geared towards increasing tours to the school. Creating a booking system and training the director how to use the system. 

Lastly, HeadsUp! requested optimization on their social media presence. We evaluated their Meta platforms and developed a training course for staff to effectively design and post events and updates.


Starting on month 2 we recorded a steady increase of 1 to 2 new students per month. As well as introduced a more ease of use booking system reducing the directors time with calls to prospects. As month continued we developed new strategies to increase brand identity by redesigning enrollment contracts, company flyers, and staffs business cards.

Advertisement proved to be effective by analytics and physical increase of enrollment. Client elected to have 1v1 Consulting monthly to discuss analytic reporting, new objectives, and promotional campaigns. 

After our first 10 months we provided a strong local presence in the community and increased total enrollment by 246%. Increasing revenue and reputation.

Services Completed

Google Ads

Spotify Ads

Direct Mail Campaigns

1v1 Marketing Consulting

Videography & Photography Editing

Logo Redesign & Branding

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